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All training is reward based. There is no force, no pain, no intimidation. I extinguish bad behaviors by teaching the dog a new desired behavior and repeatedly reward the new behavior.

Private Lesssons - I offer private lessons in home that teach you and your dog new skills for better manners and obedience.

Service Dog Training and Emotional Support Dog Training- I provide expert advice on service dog or emotional support selection, understanding the service dog training process, developing a plan for a service dog.

Whistle Training - Teach your dog to come when you blow the whistle - fantastic to use when your dog is off leash at the beach or dog park.

Fun Scent Games - Let your dog do what he does best - sniff! These games are perfect for mentally exhasting your dog on a rainy day. These games will suit all dogs, old or young, mobile or immobile.

Tricks - Have fun with your dog performing amazing tricks and entertaining your friends. 

I help owners overcome all behavioral issues and offers easy solutions for common behavioral problems including: house training, destructive behavior, attention seeking behavior, and more.

I also specialize in serious behavior issues like fear, aggression, resource guarding and separation anxiety.

I will do an evaluation and can provide you with a customized one-on-one plan.

Dog lies on mat instead of begging at table.
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