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"Sophie did an excellent job helping train our pup; with a consistent and a fear free approach. Being first time dog owners, and with kids at home, it was very important to us to have a trainer that understood the challenges and was there to support and structure the training process, and we couldn't have been happier with the result. Our pup loves Sophie; and is super delighted to see her every time. Sophie was very generous with her practical advice, and we're confident dog owners as a result." Gautham Sadhir (Posie's dad), Wilmette


"Thank you Sophie for helping us train our puppy! We are first time dog owners and highly recommend her. Sophie showed us how to make meal time fun and how to potty train. We learned how to properly train our dog to sit, lie down, stay and leave it. We really enjoyed the experience and promise to keep at it!" Terje Reedy (Phoebe's mom), Evanston


"Sophie is the dog whisperer. In just two sessions she managed to teach our pup (andmost importantly - us!) a number of key behavioral principles that will serve us well in many different areas. Her approach is very thoughtful, and she explains and demonstrates techniques that apply across the board. She will teach you how to anticipate your dog's reactions, how to set them up for success, and how to follow through with consistent training that is certain to get the results!" Anna de Silva (Duke's mom)


"Sophie is wonderful. When our big, old guy passed away we welcomed not one but two new Labrador pups to our home. She was very knowledgable in helping me figure out how to train and socialize two pups. She had ideas and suggestions that I had not even thought of with having two puppies. She also gave me confidence to bring my 14 week old pups into the forest, off leash, for some fun exploration time for them. I highly recommend Sophie for any training needs!" Heather Stone (Winston's and Murphy's mom)


"Sophie is really great. She gave us super helpful tips and taught us how best to train our pup. She was patient and answered all of our questions. Even a couple of months later when we had some new challenges come up Sophie was willing to help. She really cares about dogs and has a special way of coaching them." Kath Kernnedy (Buster's mom), Winnetka


"Sophie was wonderful to work with! Prior to beginning training, she recommended several toys/treats for our puppy and also provided us a training manual to read and refer back to for training tips. Sophie immediately connected with our 10 week old puppy and taught us how to work with him on decreasing fears and following commands such as stay and come. Our little guy got the hang of it within one session and has continued to do great! We've only had two sessions with Sophie and will likely do one more in the future, but we couldn't be happier that we found her! We highly recommend Sophie!" Whitney Kreiter (Puck's mom), Evanston


A great experience with Sophie helping us train our 5 month old Labrador puppy. Knowledgable, friendly and above all incredibly effective!" Helen Lynargh (Poppy's mom), Lake Forest


"We are so happy that we found Sophie to help us train our pup, Luna. Sophie is so knowledgeable about dogs and could assess immediately upon meeting Luna what areas we should focus on to help her be a happy, socialized and polite puppy. She provides very clear and thorough instructions on how to engage with your pup to encourage and reinforce the positive behaviors you want to see from your pup, and tailors her advice and approach to fit your family's needs (for example, she provided great tips to help my young son better interact with a playful, nippy pup). Also really appreciate the as-needed basis of training sessions - at the end of each lesson we assessed what we had accomplished and whether additional lessons were needed at that time. Sophie also has great recommendations on toys, games, treats, and other setups to ensure you are keeping your pup engaged and safe at all times. It was really a great experience. Thank you!!" Brandy Russell (Luna's mom), Wilmette


"I called on Sophie the dog whisperer after receiving her info on NextDoor app. I wasn't sure what to expect because I've never tried to formally train my previous dogs. She was excellent with my puppy, Avon Barkdale, and my 8 year old who is the primary dog parent. She helped us to understand what we need to do to teach him commands  and how to stop him jumping all over guests. She showed up on time, wore a mask, and had all of the doggy essentials! She even knows people at a local pet shop, so when I mentioned her name, they easily helped me gather my own puppy swag bag. After three sessions, I couldn't be more pleased! Highly recommend!" Rhunda Cleveland (Avon Barkdale's mom), Skokie


"Sophie is awesome! We have a puppy and she gave us a list of what we need, came over to our backyard, and helped us with how to help our pup not play bite too much with our kiddos. Looking forward to more training when he gets bigger. Thank Sophie!" Jessica Bollhoefer (Hendrix's mom), Winnetka


Sophie the dog whisperer was amazing! She worked with our dog on socialization and training. I cannot say enough good things! She asked all the right questions and had clear and simple suggestions that were easy to implement and made a big difference. And, the best part is that all her training was grounded in positive and supportive techniques. She is great!" Liz Adames (Sally's mom), Evanston


Sophie is an amazing dog trainer. Our family suddenly became first time dog owners when my daughter brought her puppy home from New York to wait out the COVID pandemic. To say the puppy ran the household would not be an overstatement. After a few weeks we knew we needed help to break the bad habits she was developing. We found Sophie through the NextDoor app and after 2 sessions of teaching us her positive reinforcement  techniques we changed her behavior. She trained us as much as the puppy! Could not recommend her more highly!" Gisela Milani (Oshi's grand-mom), Glencoe


After reaching a point of near desperation with our new puppy we discovered Sophie via the NextDoor app where she came very highly recommended. Sophie responded the same day we reached out and we had an appointment within days. In just 2 sessions, Sophie has shared with us the habits and tools that have helped us understand how to get the best behavior from our pup. She has also connected us with other puppy owners so that we can socialize our dogs. This has been so valuable. We'll likely have another session or two with her down the road for some advanced guidance but even the two sessions we've had have been a game-changer for us." Olivia Kaplan (Penelope's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is absolutely AMAZING! She conveniently came to my home for a few training sessions with my puppy, who was nearing the end of her "critical socialization period" (something Sophie teaches you about) and we had massive success! So grateful to have learned more about my pup from Sophie and train her to be the best she can be!! So far, So great :-)" Nicole Levin (Butter's mom), Winnetka


"I highly recommend Sophie. She works extremely well with all types of dogs. I have a black lab puppy who is extremely energetic and had an excessive biting habit. However, after about two weeks of working with Sophie and her techniques, my puppy started to calm down and I noticed a major decrease in her biting. Sophie uses all of your time to work with you and your dog. She always has a new trick to teach. Not only is she amazing with dogs and people, but she is the kindest and most hardworking trainer I have ever worked with. She has also grouped together owners who live near each other so their dogs are able to play together. When attending these doggy playdates, every owner I have talked to has nothing but wonderful input and comments on Sophie and her training. If you want a trainer who prioritizes your dog to become their fullest potential, make sure you use Sophie." Zoe Conlon (Olive's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie has worked with us / our new puppy Bernedoodle. She has been so great. Her depth of knowledge has really helped us in learning how to train our dog and little day to day things that have made a huge difference. She is a positive reinforcement trainer which was very important to us. There are not many others around the Northshore. She is very kind and has been so great. I definitely recommend Sophie!!" Sofia Konstantinou (Zeus' mom), Highland Park


"I have a 90lb non-puppy who is between 2-3 years old and is a horrible puller on a leash. Sophie rocked train him to be more easily walkable!!" Joy Schwartz (Beau's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is fantastic!! We adopted a 4 yr old beagle who had been a research dog. Though very well taken care of, our dog had not lived in a home environment and was not house trained. On top of that, we brought him home on July 1st in the middle of the crazy fireworks week. Every time we took him outside to the yard, someone would shoot off fireworks and he was really scared. Sophie helped us get our guy comfortable with the yard. He's also learning how to do sit and stay and not jump. He's doing fantastic and we couldn't have done it without Sophie!!" Joy Borgardt (Abe's mom), Evanston


"Sophie worked wonders for my family's little puppy! As first time dog owners we had many questions and unknowns that Sophie happily walked us through. Additionally, her technique and methodology built up my puppy's confidence ultimately making him a happier and more obedient dog. Sophie is a great trainer and person. 5/5 would recommend."  Jordan Krawitz (Jax' dad), Highland Park


"Sophie is an amazing trainer! By using her positive reinforcement training techniques, my puppy has caught on to basic training skills extremely fast. Everyone is always so impressed by how social and well-behaved he is thanks to Sophie's training. Would highly recommend her!" AJ Merjan (Archie's mom), Glencoe


"We loved our dog (human) trainer! We had the best experience with Sophie! She worked magic with our rescue Nellie and her pup Pappy! She was so kind and patient with them and we saw instant results. My husband and daughters and I all understood how to follow through with consistent commands to ensure easy learning for the dogs. We cannot recommend her enough!! Thank you Sophie!!" Jen Truszkowski (Nellie's and Pappy's mom), Wilmette


Sophie is a great dog trainer! Really she trained us as much as she trained our dog! In only four sessions we learned how to keep our puppy from nipping, how to make sure she is gentle with children, how to keep her from lunging at the door when the doorbell rings, how to prevent her from digging in the couch cushions and how to handle her off-leash. Sophie suggested games and toys to challenge and entertain our dog. Our dog has more confidence and self control now and isn't as skittish around new people. Sophie is firm and fun, loving and sweet. She is all about positive reinforcement. She is extremely knowledgable and has so many great tips! Highly recommend! Charmaine Goldman (Phoebe's mom), Wilmette


"As first time puppy parents, Sophie was a wonderful resource. She helped us guide our puppy in a positive and impactful way, set up our home, change already formed bad habits, and connected us with several neighbors with puppies, I would highly recommend Sophie!" Jess Moskowitz (Polo's mom), Wilmette


"The first two weeks after our border collie puppy arrived were first full of joy, then of surprises, lastly of doubt whether we could ever handle it. In only three sessions, Sophie helped us to train with our dog while bonding with him. Highly recommend!" Patrick Fiegl (Theo's dad), Wilmette


"We have had a great experience working with Sophie! As new dog owners, she provided us with useful advice and guidance. She gave us info on puppy essentials to buy, how to deal with puppy nipping and kids, and connected us with other new puppies for socialization / play dates. Her training sessions are very productive, and we always come away feeling more confident. Sophie is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her training services!" Jacqui Hill (Daisy's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is a wonderful trainer!!! She has been very, very useful with our new puppy teaching all the family how to play with him. We were sort of worried at the beginning because our puppy was showing some troublemaking behavior but as soon as we started training with Sophie he started to turn into a well trained pup." Alessio Lucchese (Scout's dad), Wilmette


"I highly recommend Sophie! We just got a puppy and Sophie helped guide us on how to best set up our home and provided us with the necessary training tools (in a very positive and fun manner) to help our puppy become a well behaved family member. She was also great in helping our puppy adjust to unfamiliar situations and sounds so she will be confident, appropriate and not fearful outside the home." Kristin Cless (Stormy's mom), Evanston

"We recently adopted a 2 yr old retriever mix named Cooper from a rescue place after losing a lab a few months back. It had been a while since we had to do training and knew we needed someone just to go over the basics. Sophie was fantastic. I was a bit leery about treat training but Sophie showed us many training techniques and the reasoning behind them and I saw how Cooper responded right away. We learned how important MAT training was to help keep Cooper from charging at the door when someone came. We are still working on it but he has been doing great. With our training session Sophie gave me an instruction training manual that has been very helpful and told me we could reach out to her at any time for any further questions or issues, which is very comforting. I was extremely impressed with Sophie; she is unbelievably talented and amazing at what she does! Thank you." Betty Swenson (Cooper's mom), Skokie


"Sophie is a wonderful trainer. She is very knowledgable and is a master at teaching dogs to listen. We are first time dog parents and were very stressed out with the new pup. Sophie helped us remain calm and in just 3-4 sessions we have a puppy that listens and does as she is told. Sophie gave us tools to train the dog and practice on our own with her to reinforce all that she taught us and the dog. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone looking to train their dog in a positive, fun way." Shilpa Knigge (Storm's mom), Winnetka


"We brought Sophie in to train our then 10 week old Maltshi. Sophie leverages kindness and rewards when training. But let's face it, as it turned out it was more about training us on how to train and manage our pup.  So here's the other thing about Sophie; she is very ethical. Just like after you are used to having Sophie come over on a Sunday morning, she told us that we didn't need her anymore and that, when we feel we do need help, call; I don't think it about the money to Sophie. One more thing, Sophie goes beyond the call to duty; she will call or text you right back, wicked fast, should you have a question. Also she hooked up our pup with another so the two of them could have playdates that wear both puppies out, assuring our pup a good night's sleep. Last thing, Sophie does not judge. If you want your dog to be an inside lap dog, she will guide you down the correct path. And if you want your dog to be more like a regular outside dog, she will take you in that direction as well. Cannot say enough, if you are seeking a trainer, read these reviews about Sophie. If you are local to Winnetka/Glencoe, check the reviews on NextDoor's website and see their reviews regarding Sophie as well. I cannot believe you are still reading this. If you are seeking a dog trainer, click on the phone number and call her!" Brad Goldstein (Charlie's dad), Glencoe


"Sophie is fantastic. I'm too skittish to do in person meetings now, so she helped us via FaceTime. She gave us some great support for our new rescue dog, Phoebe. Highly recommend!" Sarah Buino (Phoebe's mom), Chicago


"Sophie worked with me and my girlfriend on our beautiful French Bulldog puppy Rhea. Rhea was just around 8 weeks when we started and you would've thought she had been trained already by the way she was responding to Sophie. Our first day Sophie came very prepared and had a great path of success for our pooch. We got through everything in just 3 weeks and Rhea is so well behaved it is unbelievable! If you have just got a new puppy or have a dog that needs a little help behaving, I would HIGHLY recommend Sophie! We will be coming back when we decide to get another pup!" Jonathan Karahalios (Rhea's dad), Glenview


"Sophie was so helpful with our 4 month old lab mix. She came for 3 sessions and we covered a lot of ground. I loved her positive reinforcement training. We are so happy with the results we are getting! She is clearly a dog whisperer." Rachel Lee (Charli's mom), Wilmette


"We were getting a dog and we knew nothing about how to take care of a dog. Luckily, my husband found Sophie by reading reviews. I didn't know what to expect of a dog trainer but I knew I was going to need one since I never had a dog growing up. Thank goodness Sophie entered our lives since she helped us start training our shepadoodle since day 1 and its been soooo worth it. Sure I can watch videos and read books on puppy training but Sophie's got a way of teaching you and your dog that is so enjoyable and rewarding for all. Honestly, I found that watching videos was not even close to what you get with Sophie as your dog trainer. Everything she teaches, she demonstrates it and then has you try it out in front of her so she can give you feedback.  By the second visit, it felt Sophie was doing magic tricks with our dog just with training lessons. She discusses when to reward/praise your dog. Sophie also provides you with a book of how to train your dog. With lots of practice and repetition, it now feels like we are doing magic tricks too! We have highly recommended Sophie to 2 other good friends who just got puppies as well." Smita Patel (Kashi's mom), Glenview


I highly recommend Sophie if you're looking for a dog trainer. Her positive reinforcement approach made teaching our pup fun for the humans and our dog! Her instructions were clear and easy to follow. We will certainly call her again should any issues pop up in the future." Cathy Barton (Bean's mom), Wilmette


"I have been working with Sophie for 5 weeks with our mini labradoodle. She is amazing. She helped us train him to be the best listener and interact well with our other dog. She showed me tools to use so he has less stress and anxiety in situations and to get him well adjusted to our home. I could not be more pleased with our choice of trainers." Eve Vogt (Chance and Charlie's mom), Deerfield


"Sophie was great to work with. Our dog made great improvements in just 2 sessions." Dylan Johnson (Staley's dad), Evanston


"I honestly can't write enough wonderful things about Sophie and her training methods. She uses positive reinforcement to train (the pup and us) and our Bella just took to it so well. Sophie also encourages puppy playdates and even goes so far as to set them up. She will even show up for the playdate and make sure the pups learn how to play well together. Today Sophie even took Bella on an adventure and taught her how to behave off-leash. The icing on the cake are the wonderful photos and videos she sends so we don't miss any of our girls first. Simply put, we would have been lost without her!" Melinda Boutsikakis (Bella's mom), Glenview


"Sophie is amazing with dogs and owners alike. She gave clear directions to pet/owner and made the process go really well. She is very calm and positive and the training really was stress free. My dog Mac loved her and I would highly recommend!" Denise Schneider (Mac's mom), Wilmette


"We met with Sophie in our home for our dog Augustus. He is an 8 year old Boston Rat Terrier who has severe anxiety and has become aggressive toward my partner over the last few months. She came in and assessed him quickly, was able to recommend products to help him and showed us a ton of techniques to help reduce his fear response and begin to become attached to my partner through treat training. She was also able to send a report to our vet to help us get fluoxetine to help lower Ausgustus' anxiety so that training would be more effective. She is full of resources and I highly recommend working with her." Chrissy Flynn (Augustus' mom), Chicago


"I am extremely grateful for Sophie! I am a first-time puppy owner and felt like a deer in headlights the first week I brought a new puppy home. A  friend referred Sophie to me and I am ever grateful. Sophie came over and completely educated me on the best setup in my home for most success. Her suggestions made my life SO much easier. She is extremely knowledgeable on what works best for the puppy from chew toys to yummy distractions for brushing him etc.. I learned so much on puppy care. Most of all, Sophie knows her training, and was very effective in training my puppy. Thanks to Sophie, my puppy knows his name, will stay and come on cue, and is completely potty trained. Sophie also identified that he might have a tick, and sure enough he did. If Sophie hadn't seen it, I would have been clueless. Thanks to her, I got the tick off before it could do harm. Sophie has introduced my Apollo to other dogs close by for playdates and socialization also. My Apollo loves Sophie and gets excited just hearing her voice around the corner. I highly recommend Sophie as a very knowledgeable, effective and loving trainer for your dog! She is a great dog photographer too!" Stacy Vasilatos (Apollo's mom), Glenview


"Right from the second we met Sophie, it was clear that she's got an amazing way not only with dogs but with their humans as well. Her knowledge is incredibly extensive and detailed and she's so supportive. We rescued our 2 year old Australian Cattle dog mix, a breed that's known to be really clever and need a lot of mental stimulation and I'm so glad we found her! She is so astute at reading your dog's (and your) demeanor and body language and tailoring her training to those cues. Though we've only had two sessions with her, she's already helped create a bond between our pup and our family. I highly recommend working with Sophie whether it's basic training or for targeted issues like barking, anxiety, jumping, etc. She has worked and seen it all!" Kim Yen (Dundee's mom), Northbrook


"We have a 3 month old puppy and we were really struggling with his constant biting. We are first time dog owners and needed help. We decided to bring someone into our home so our whole family could be involved. After out first session with Sophie, we saw immediate results. She helped our whole family learn new ways to deter bad (biting) behaviors and turn it into a fun, positive training opportunity. It was truly amazing how quickly we all learned to refocus his energy. I would highly recommend Sophie to all dog owners." Michelle Calkins (James' mom), Chicago

"Sophie came to the rescue when we adopted a new puppy. Now everyone is impressed with how well behaved he is!" Janice N (Benny's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is great! She is very knowledgeable and great with dogs. I really love that she is a no-fear, no-force trainer! My dog took to her right away (and she doesn't like strangers). Sophie gave me a lot of good tricks and tips on how to work with my dog to overcome some of her issues. She also provided a bunch of links for toys and treats to use during training. Highly recommend!" Lauren Potempa (Rin's mom), Deerfield

"Sophie is a great trainer of Diabetic Alert Service dogs. Sophie has worked 1 year training my pup, Ellie. She also works at teaching me to be the best dog handler I can be! She has taught both Ellie and I the beginning process in starting a strong foundation for continued training once the puppy arrives home to continued training like scent work, obedience, and training in public settings like airports and towns. I always say my Ellie is "hand made by God, Cared for by others". Sophie is a critical part of the life of my Service Dog and she provides a very high quality service to the community." Shirley Zeigler (Ellie's mom), Wheaton

"Sophie completed two training sessions so far for my rescue dog, Louie. My husband and I are extremely impressed with her limitless canine knowledge, fun and easy-going personality, and helpfulness with all of our questions. In addition to the invaluable training knowledge we have gained, she provided us with a packet including explicit training ideas and resources. We would recommend Sophie to anyone who wants assistance training their dog!" Robyn White (Louie's mom), Vernon Hills


"Lovely trainer! Sophie is helping me train my mobility service dog." Britt Miller (Bernie's mom), Chicago

"Sophie impressed me from the second my dog met her. He has never been so calm around someone new! She was honest with us and I appreciate that immensely. She had lots of great ideas and catered to my dog's needs unlike other trainers who seem to do the same for every dog (not every dog is the same!). Highly recommend her for a positive reinforcement trainer." Cailyn Flynn (Kobe's mom), Evanston

"Sophie is an absolute gem! She is a pleasure to work with, clearly loves dogs and added value to our lives from day one. After our first session we saw improvement in the behavior of our pups and we learned skills and tricks that we could apply immediately. She definitely helped us be better dog parents. On top of it, she is just cool!" Tais Gusmao, (Sasha's and Zoe's mom), Highland Park

"We worked with Sophie on basic training for our beagle puppy, and Sophie was amazing. She worked so well with our pup, using positive reinforcement and did a great job teaching us tools in even one session. She was so generous with her time, and offered advice by text and phone when needed and without hesitation, Sophie has a wonderfully positive approach to training that sets a perfect tone for the development of a balanced, well socialized, and happy pup! Could not recommend her more highly!" Molly Lush (Lola's mom), Evanston

"Sophie is really awesome and so easy to work with and I am very comfortable with her approach. She is friendly, calm and uses positive reinforcement training. Tucker (puppy) trusts her from the very beginning and we can see great changes in his behavior daily." Kasia Garzel (Tucker's nanny), Wilmette

"Sophie's in-home dog training is great! Our Newfoundland took to her immediately." Joshua Nichols, Coco's dad, Park Ridge

"Sophie is such an amazing resource! She taught us tons about our dog and he loved her right away. She had a lot of tips, tricks, toys, ideas etc. that I never knew about and definitely made our lives easier! Thank you!" Shannon Richardson (Fenway's mom), Wilmette

"I highly recommend Sophie. She has a wonderful approach to training. We have learned so much from her." Karen Tobey  (Bella's mom), Wilmette

"We had an excellent experience  with Sophie. She helped us get off to a good start with our adopted shelter puppy. Over the course of three sessions, she taught us the fundamentals of encouraging good behavior and obedience from our puppy through interactive training activities that addressed basic commands (sit, stay, etc.) and good manners (not charging the door when doorbell rings, keeping the dog from barking/jumping during family meals). All the training is reward based, which helped reduce anxiety and aggression in our puppy. Sophie provided practical advice that works, but also positively impacted our bond/relationship with the puppy. We highly recommend her." Gina LaMonica (Holly's mom), Park Ridge

"I highly

"Sophie has come for two lessons so far with our rescue dog. She's been fantastic and works with our whole family, including our two younger boys. She is also extremely helpful via text as needed. Her methods really work and are easy to practice on our own. Our young, exuberant dog is doing a great job with greeting company at the door and is much better at walking without pulling. He is also learning "leave it" and "here". We love working with Sophie and look forward to more future sessions as needed." Betsy Campbell (Moose's mom), Glencoe

"Sophie is a natural with dogs! She truly loves them. She worked wonders with my previously described "hard to train" lab. She is also conscientious and dedicated to her craft." Anne McKiernan (Jarvis' mom), Evanston

"Sophie is one of a kind and the first call you should make after getting a dog. Our mischievous 5 month old Aussie was selectively responsive to commands. In one visit, Sophie had him patiently waiting on a mat when the doorbell rang and guests entered. And more importantly, she trained the whole family how to be more effective with him in general. She also provided written detailed instructions so we could work on our own. In addition she was able to recommend many products that have made my pup healthier and happier. She's a lovely, warm person who clearly takes great joy in her job. My dog absolutely loves her." Keryl Klemm (Cooper's mom), Glenview

"After our puppy returned from a two-week doogy-boot-camp (with a different trainer) we were still having problems with his behavior. Problems ranged from slight aggression to pulling on walks. I was desperate for help and I found Sophie through reviews on NextDoor. From the moment Sophie walked in our front door, I knew she was the solution to our problems. She helped me modify my puppy's behavior with kindness and positive reinforcement. Plus I had fun doing it!" Erin Schael (Vinny's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie was lovely to work with. My pup quickly picked up on her clicker / treat method and it has worked really well for us." Jessica Plopper (Bailey's mom), Glenview

"Sophie is truly a dog whisperer and her love for dogs comes through the moment you meet her. We rescued our nine month golden doodle and outside of being house broken, this puppy needed lots of training. Sophie is highly experienced, extremely patient, professional, calm and understanding. She came to our house several times and was just absolutely excellent in behavioral training. Our puppy responded VERY well to Sophie's training. She gave us her training technique booklet that she created which has been so resourceful with excellent training instructions. I would highly recommend Sophie for dog training and she's a really cool person as well. My dog and I love working with Sophie!!" Lori Ruskin (Boyd's mom), Deerfield

"Sophie helped us with our new puppy. She is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. She was readily available for quick questions via text or call, also follows up and checks back in. Highly recommend Sophie and NorthShore Canine Academy!" Liz Desmond (Bo's mom), Winnetka

"I just want to recommend Sophie. She is helping us train our younger dog as he's become aggressive the last year. She's a lovely person and our little guy is already quite a bit better. She recommended medication, and as soon as we got him on Trazedone, half of his behavior problems stopped. Now we're working on the remaining half with a "no fear" approach. It is the "When people come over, good things happen" methodology." Kathryn Born (Echo and Penny's mom), Skokie

We have loved working with Sophie! We chose to do training inside our home in order to tailor the training to our specific needs. We feel confident that she has given us the tools necessary to train our puppy. We now have many ways to practice the new skills, an added bonus that they are fun for both us and our pup!" Becky Brantman (Penny's mom), Glenview

"When we adopted our rescue, our family's first dog, Sophie helped train us as much as the dog. The result was a great foundation for our pet ownership. Highly recommend!" Jeremy Mullman (Stella's dad), Wilmette

"We used Sophie and we couldn't be happier!! She taught us SO much about our dog. Harley's, behavior. She also showed us some exercises to do with him to regain his trust after a previous trainer had ruined it. Sophie went above and beyond for us and we highly recommend her!!" Michele Valanta (Harley's mom), Des Plaines

"Sophie is wonderful!! We adopted our little pup, Nola, with her help, and happily hired her for some private training sessions. She is reliable, empathetic, attuned to the pup and us owners, and we learned so much! We are so grateful for her and will recommend her always and continue to think of her for all our training needs." Amy and Tim Kelly (Nola's mom and dad), Chicago

"I just wanted to share about a great experience I had with Sophie. She helped us train our new dog, Dart, to not run and jump on visitors at our door. Now, all we have to do is lay out the yoga mat when someone is at the door, and Dart will go and sit on it and know he will get a high-value treat if he stays there. Sophie trained Dart very quickly. We had her over to our house twice and that's it. She also helped us correct his counter-surfing habits. At the end of the first visit, she even had Dart waiting to eat a treat on his paw until she said it was okay. The commands and methods she taught us were simple and easy to keep up with after the lessons. Highly recommend her!" Gail Horvath (Dart's mom), Evanston

"I recommend Sophie! We just adopted a Great Dane (more like a horse) who was nervous around people (among other things, like opening doors) and she helped me with getting her to behave! She has also been super responsive in answering all of my phone calls and questions about the dog!" Mari Gottlieb (Hades' mom), Winnetka

"Sophie is great with dogs and does reward based training....she does a lot of work with rescue doggies." Nikki Montero (Coco's mom), Kenilworth

"We hired Sophie for private training lessons when we got our Labrador (11 months old at the time). We wanted to try private lessons so we could have more effective one-on-one training instead of the group lessons we had done with our first Lab. We found Sophie and couldn't be more pleased. Sophie is a remarkable trainer. All of her methods are based on positive reinforcement which makes the process enjoyable and effective. The results were literally immediate. It's pretty amazing to see her work with our dog and witness how effective she is. It's also incredibly helpful to have the training specific to your own home. You simply can't get that through group training. We also appreciated that she had written training materials / homework we could refer to when practicing outside of the sessions. Made things so much easier for us. Sophie was a joy to work with. We highly recommend!" Tyler Knudsvig (Charlie's dad), Glencoe

"Punctual, professional, and passionate - Sophie is really wonderful at what she does! She connected with our family and pup right away. Not only does she work with the pup but she gave us tips and hands on experience to train. Don't hesitate, these sessions are totally a game changer and worth it!!" Alice Kim (Bori's mom), Glenview

"Sophie came to help us with our cutest, little, rescue dog. Sophie is the sweetest, most caring, lovely lady. She really strives to understand what motivates Tinkee to behave in certain ways. She has worked with Tinkee to choose calmness over anxiety and showed us ways to build up Tinkee's confidence and optimism so that she is a happier and more relaxed dog. Since our session, she has continued to frequently check in with us and always responds swiftly to any questions we have. In addition, she has given us fantastic tips so we can keep Tinkee mentally stimulated and she often sends us extremely informative and useful articles which we love reading. David, Tinkee and I highly recommend Sophie!" Judy Miller (Tinkee's mom), Highland Park

"Sophie immediately connected with our 8 week old puppy who began to respond in our first session. She was also great connecting me with other dog owners for puppy play dates to help with socialization. I would recommend Sophie to anyone looking to train their dog." Jinjer Brody Grant (Lexi's mom), Highland Park

"Just a great trainer and genuine and kind personality. Sophie immediately bonded with our puppy and needed just two sessions to help train both her and us! The kids are already better with her and our pup is better with them. Sophie provided simple tips and quick training activities that help you keep from scolding your dog and focus on reinforcing the good behavior. We hesitated to spend on individual training, but so happy we decided to do it. Could not more fully and heartily endorse her." Sahadev Sharma (Mack's dad), Evanston


"Sophie was an absolute pleasure to work with. The dogs took to her immediately, and she figured out what the problem was very quickly. She suggested different methods to help get rid of our older dog's fear of the puppy and suggested ways to distract our puppy so she wasn't constantly bothering our older dog. They're getting along a lot better right now! She followed up a couple of times, and my family and I genuinely appreciated how invested she was in helping us. Highly recommend her to anyone who needs a dog trainer!" Michelle Kwon (Berri's and Tori's mom), Glenview


"Sophie's positive and kind style worked well for both my puppy and me. She provided me with a helpful booklet, and was always available to answer questions. She also found our pup some good playmates to help get her socialized." Ruth Richman (Orly's mom), Evanston

"Sophie was extremely knowledgeable and patient  with our family of six helping us train our new puppy. It was remarkable how quickly Sophie understood our dog and could develop a plan and teach us how to follow that plan. We now have a very well behaved happy dog. Thank you Sophie." Ned Smith (Tessa's dad), Wilmette

"Sophie was lovely and patient with our puppy who had a cast on his leg for over a month. During that time, Sophie came over to our home and taught him how to sit, stay, down and wait. All within the first session! She is the dog whisperer!" Robin Mitzen (Tosh' mom), Highland Park

"Sophie was excellent to work with and did wonders with our 3 month old puppy. After only 2 sessions we noticed really positive changes with her behavior which has been sustained after the sessions. Sophie's positive reinforcement / reward based training is definitely the route to go." Gordy Sofyanos (Bea's dad), Wilmette

"Our family highly recommends Sophie as a dog trainer. From the moment we met Sophie she was friendly, smart, excellent trainer, patient and so comfortable to be around. Our 12 week puppy as well as our 5 year old dog loved Sophie. She helped us all with the training of both dogs. We can't say enough positive things about Sophie." Marla London (Biscuit's & Oreo's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie did a great job teaching us how to train our puppy. Has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. She also made the training sessions fun for children." Gregg Levy (Dash's dad), Evanston

"What a great resource! Our Amstaff was having anxiety problems and we contacted NorthShore Canine Academy for guidance. Sophie came to our house, observed our dog, and guided us through several methods to address his behavior. We saw improvement almost immediately! Even after her visit, Sophie checked in to see how training was going and offered more tips. Can't sing their praises enough!" Preston Cropp (Nemo's dad), Evanston

"We had a great experience with Sophie! Given my crazy work hours, I couldn't commit to a regular weekly group training session - I really appreciated that Sophie could come to our home for private lessons. She is lovely to work with - kind, friendly, and efficient. After a few sessions with her, we are better equipped to provide Gus the dog with training and feedback that help him to be well behaved in our home and when out with other people and dogs. We'd happily recommend Sophie to anyone else looking for puppy training!" Maggie & Todd Searle (Gus' mom and dad), Winnetka

"Sophie was great with our new puppy. She quickly learned all the tasks we worked on. She was a wealth of knowledge on dogs and our puppy loved her." Erica Cordier (Penny's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is a highly skilled, insightful, intuitive dog trainer. We have a very strong-willed, bossy 3 year old Australian shepherd that thinks she is human and smarter than us. With past dogs, we had been successful in training them ourselves, but this one has been much more challenging. In just 3 sessions, our dog's behavior completely changed and is much more manageable. Sophie's approach is all reward based; no inflicted pain, shouting, or shaming. She obviously cares deeply for animals. Additionally, she leaves you with helpful hints and tools, so that you can continue to practice what you've learned. And, she is a delightful person and fun to be around. I highly recommend her!" Tory Day (Mila's mom), Wilmette


"We have had the pleasure of working with Sophie over the last month and would highly recommend her. She is patient, calm, thorough and fun. We have 2 labs, a pup and an 8 year old. We first addressed my issues - pulling on the leash, going crazy when the doorbell rings, jumping up on people. I had specific things to practice between sessions, clear directions and Sophie gives you a very comprehensive booklet that covers almost everything. The dogs love working with Sophie and so do I. She has an impressive list of credentials, but I think her secret is she speaks dog. Nobody does it better." Cathy Kennedy (Emma and Finn's mom), Northfield

"Sophie has been a great source for this anxious dog owner. Her sound confident advice has had a great effect on both owner and puppy. Sophie takes time to keep the training fun and always has a common sense way to approach any concern we might have." Mollie Franke (Felix's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie was an amazing and calming trainer for our anxious puppy Wilbur. She gave us amazing tips and strategies for reducing Wilbur's anxiety around people. Sophie's manual that you are given has many types of methods for training any behavior with your dog. I highly recommend her." Monica Thompson (Wilbur's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie came highly recommended from friends and we are so glad we found her. As first time dog owners, we weren't even sure where to start. She came with practical advice as well as training activities that everyone in the family could practice with our new pup. After working with her for just a few sessions, we are well on our way to having a successful and rewarding relationship with our dog. I also really appreciated how she was able to facilitate us meeting other new pups - she really cares about making sure your dog develops life long skills!" Rozi Bhimani (Nik's mom), Evanston

"Sophie really understands the mind of a dog. She and our puppy connected immediately and many of the suggestions that Sophie made to get her to "react" to us were great. Sophie also gave us printed material to read about training our puppy; all very useful information. Sophie is very kind and very knowledgeable. One of her suggestions, using a whistle with a certain frequency, was very helpful!" Lesley Tokar (Meg's mom), Highland Park

"Sophie is an amazing dog trainer! She is incredibly fun, kind and easygoing, and in just three training sessions she taught me and my dog so much. Sophie is a firm trainer but also very loving and sweet to the dogs (and owners)! She also recommended so many great products that have already proven to be helpful and fun for my dog. If you're looking for personal and fun, yet effective dog training, look no further!" Bea McManus (Fred's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie has been wonderful to work with and helped us get everything set up for our puppy prior to her arrival. We met at the pet store for the first time to get ready and obtained her very helpful training manual. Sophie has been great to communicate with, always on time, available and very responsive via email, text and phone. Our puppy, the kids and us enjoyed our training sessions and learned a lot using positive reinforcement. In addition, Sophie was so kind in getting a group of us together for puppy play dates which has been fantastic for socialization. We would recommend Sophie highly to anyone looking for a great and fun dog trainer." Katia Casademunt Berry (Stella's mom), Glencoe

"Sophie is an incredible trainer. She really helped our family understand how to prepare for our puppy, giving realistic and helpful advice to get the house ready and then helping us get a strong base of training. She even helped us connect with other puppy owners to do puppy playdates! She is patient, knowledgable, kind and thoughtful. We recommend her without reservation." Gwyn Volk (Bella's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is great! From the minute she walked in the door she connected with my pups! She was so patient with our dogs as well as our family in our efforts to learn. She is so knowledgeable and has great resources. She makes everything look so easy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer whether you need a lot of help or even just one session to get educated on the basics." Lauren Grossman (Bella's and Tito's mom)


"5 stars aren't enough! Sophie came over to meet our Kaia last week and within an hour we learned so much from her! Sophie is very gentle and I have applied all that I learned in just one hour over the course of the last week! Our lives are forever changed! You will not be disappointed." Vicki Karkalis (Kaia's mom)

"Sophie was very patient and wonderful with our puppy. I highly recommend Sophie!" Marci Greenspon (Charlie's mom), Deerfield

"Sophie was very patient as she helped our entire family learn how to train our new puppy. She was very knowledgeable and had so many great tips. She showed each of my kids how to correctly work with our puppy too. I appreciated being able to text or call Sophie when I had questions and she was very responsive. She was always exactly on time for our sessions. She was very calm and provided a lot of positive energy as she taught us how to gently train our puppy. Our puppy loved her and so did we!" Karen Fronk (Percy's mom), Wilmette

"I highly recommend Sophie for dog training. She's amazing and her training tactics are super effective. Our 5 month old puppy (Kona) gets repeated compliments from everyone he meets on how well behaved he is. She was instrumental in taking many of the growing pains out of puppy ownership - a huge help and the most effective trainer we've come across. She not only helps with basic training but is an expert at training on more complex tasks and behavior modification." Jolie Petrine (Kona's mom), Evanston


"My dog enjoyed the training session with Sophie and felt very comfortable with her gentle yet effective methods. He was reacting to people putting his leash on and Sophie was very helpful in evaluating him and coming up with ways to get him more comfortable and less nervous." Rami Eldam (Tyson's dad), Evanston


"Sophie helped us get our three year old settled in after adoption and with some much needed training. Highly recommend her. We noticed a difference after one session." D.J. Alwattar (Lucia's dad), Wilmette


"My wife and I have absolutely loved working with Sophie. She gives us tangible things to wok on between each session while setting expectations for what to do when our puppy fails and succeeds in the activities. She is all about setting up an environment that allows our dog to be successful and builds up from a solid foundation. We've already seen progress in her behavior and are excited to continue working with her. Cannot recommend Sophie more!" Bo Swindell (Maisy's dad), Evanston

"Sophie was a lifesaver when we gout our new puppy, Barrett. It had been a long time since we had a puppy in the family, and before we even had her out she was available to answer all of my miscellaneous questions! When she came over to work with us, she used only positive reinforcement to show us some tips and tricks to use. I was worried about judgement since we have two small children and a new puppy, but instead she gave us info on how to make this situation work best for all of us. Barrett is doing fantastic and seems genuinely happy to listen to us. I would absolutely recommend Sophie." Brittanie Goldsmith (Barrett's mom), Highland Park


"Sophie is the best trainer we have used. She helped our golden retriever get comfortable walking near busy streets. She also trained her to jump in and out of our car - something she would not do for us. I highly recommend Sophie!!" Nancy McKeever (Nellie's mom), Winnetka


"I couldn't be happier with the help Sophie gave me with my 2 dogs. Our 3 year old Wheaton Terrier and 1 year old Havanese wouldn't stop barking, and she helped come up with creative ways to control this. We put a foggy adhesive window film up to block their viewing, and got many tips on how to keep my dogs happier. Our house is quieter and calmer thanks to NorthShore Canine Academy. I highly recommend Sophie!" Peggy Cook (Lucy's and Zeus' mom), Wilmette


Sophie came to help us with our Golden Retriever who was very nervous about car rides and would refuse to get in the car. Sophie worked on changing Zoe's emotional response to the car using desensitizing and counter-conditioning techniques and a lot of high value food! Zoe now willingly jumps in the car and enjoys being on the road resulting in happy kids, happy dog and happy me! In addition to this we also worked on Zoe's manners at the door. Sophie always makes herself available and checks in frequently to see how Zoe is doing. Zoe and I highly recommend her!" Danielle Rubin (Zoe's mom), Wilmette

"After just one training session with Sophie, our two older dogs (9 and 5), were well on their way to learning to go to their mat calmly when the doorbell rings or someone knocks at the door, rather than barking uncontrollably and not letting visitors in. She also trained us in how to train them! We are so grateful for her advice. She also gave us very helpful advice on how to reduce their reactive behavior around other dogs while on walks. Definitely recommend!" Jill Oldham (Chester's and Cassie's mom), Deerfield


"Sophie is an amazing dog trainer and has helped Oscar learn to not be afraid of other dogs, resulting from his traumatic stray days before adoption. She is great both with dogs and their owners and has our highest recommendation." Amy Wagner (Oscar's mom), Evanston

"I highly recommend Sophie for dog training. Sophie has a good understanding of dog behavior and quickly sizes up problem situations. Her techniques are positive and fun for dog and human family members and can be applied flexibly as the dog learns. She is kind and engaging. Her follow-up is appreciated." Norma Zuckerman (Mickey's mom), Skokie

"Sophie was such a big help with our new rescue dog. She has taught us a great foundation that we can continue to build on and our dog has improved so much with just a few lessons. Our dog gets so excited every time she comes over!" Carrie Fowler (Knuckles' mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is amazing! We highly recommend her!" Mary McKey (Chicken Nugget's grandma), Winnetka

"Sophie came to our house for 3 hour-long training sessions to help us with our dear little maniac rescue, Louie. We can't begin to explain how quickly he picked up Sophie's directions and how much we learned from her (especially about all of the things we were doing wrong!). We made sure our kids were home for each session so that we could all see firsthand what to do and not do. Sophie uses only positive reinforcement, no aggressive measures and Louie is bonkers for her. If you need a dog trainer, give Sophie a ring. You won't regret it." Diane Cotton Caplan (Louie's mom), Glenview

"Sophie is such a pleasure to work with when training my new puppy, Duffy. I reached out to her specifically because she teaches using positive reinforcement techniques. While it was hard to wrap my head around how successful that could be, I wanted to give it my best shot first. Before bringing the pup home, Sophie had come over to give me a primer on puppies. She advised on how to set up the household for the dog to succeed, talked through some things, and provided a well curated list of supplies to have on hand - even ensuring the local pet store had them in stock. It had been a significant amount of time since having a puppy, and this one meeting helped to ease what could otherwise have been a crazy week. Armed with all that good prep work, I still had moments when I was frantic, the dog was frantic, and I called Sophie for help. She was responsive, understanding, kind and had just the right advice to get us through it. The dust settles and we were ready for training. Sophie provided a neat packet with a clear description of the command, its purpose, why it matters, and how to break it down step-by-step. It was a lot that second visit, and what seemed so easy for her, I had doubts that I would be able to replicate it with the same success. That's where her guidebook fit in. We began a daily routine of working on a skill. It's all fun and games and treats for the dog, so in addition to learning and practicing commands, it was also relationship building. While it can seem that he is performing solely for treats, we've had some real world tests that proved he trusts me, and will obey, even when the stakes are high (like that rotted fish carcass, or coming to me off leash in spite of the gulls taunting him). This is literally after 3 weeks of training. We've got more work to do, but I'm absolutely convinced that reward based, positive reinforcement works. I can't recommend NorthShore Canine Academy enough!" Dominique Allman Papa (Duffy's mom), Evanston


"We love Sophie! We have had one session and it has made a huge difference. She helped train myself and my kids so we can all know how to teach our puppy. Love her!" Linda Cline (Dale's mom), Lincolnwood

"Sophie is the absolute best! Sweetest person and amazing trainer. We have a rescue puppy who needed some help with basic training and within minutes Sophie had him on mat to learn commands and follow through. I highly recommend Sophie. She is a trainer who we will have visit our home periodically for fine tuning behavior and skills and my dog loves her just as much as we do!" Sharyl Fishbein (Rex's mom), Riverwoods

"I have a 10 year old very stubborn but adorable cavapoo who (was) the world's worst dinner-beggar! After just one session, Sophie has helped me work with him and get him to lay on his bed in the kitchen while we eat!! We're working on some other things too, and her calm demeanor and sweet British accent have been amazing for a much more pleasant dinner time in our house!!" Riva Lipman (Buster's mom), Highland Park

"We just completed our first training session with our new golden retriever puppy. The trainer, Sophie, was wonderful! We've had puppies before but not for a long while and we needed a refresher on puppy training basics. Sophie took us and Mr. Pup through the basics of what we need to do about house breaking, feeding, counter surfing and other necessary behavior training using positive reinforcement techniques. It was absolutely amazing what she was able to get the pup to do so quickly and willingly. We would highly recommend Sophie and her company to anyone who needs help with dog training." Bob Dinwoodie (Watson's dad), Glenview


"Sophie was amazing!!! Knowledgable, helpful.....endless list. Simply stated, highly recommend." Maria Hubbard (Berlin's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie absolutely loves the dogs she trains and it shows in how our puppy (a Goldendoodle) has responded. Our puppy looks forward to her sessions with Sophie and the improvement we've seen is phenomenal! We would recommend Sophie wholeheartedly". John Lenhard (Gracie's dad), Wilmette

"We hired NorthShore Canine Academy to help us with our 4 month old puppy, an Australian Labradoodle. Sophie brought an entire guide on the first day and patiently went through the behaviors we wanted to modify. A big issue was our puppy not letting us know when she had to go outside to go to the bathroom. Sophie shared a few tips on how to help, and after the first session our dog was ringing a bell to notify us. For the third session, I had my kids join in. Sophie helped them learn how to train our dog, which was incredibly beneficial. I definitely recommend her services!" Cheryl Leahy (Ginger's mom), Wilmette

Sophie came to help us train our 2 Australian labradoodles (age 5 and 6) who were lacking in house manners - jumping on people and stealing food. I consulted with other trainers who suggested I use a prong collar to correct their bad behavior but I was not willing to do this. My dogs are a bit skittish and I did not want to make them more fearful by using something that would hurt them. I continued my search for a dog trainer and I was lucky enough to find Sophie. She spoke at length with me on the phone and said she could show us how to get desired behavior through rewards and how we did not need to use any aversive equipment. We have seen amazing results - my dogs greet people while sitting and staying on a mat and they no longer steal food. They also seem much more confident and less nervous. I love this method of training because it's extremely effective, it's fun and most importantly I know my dogs love it too. Further to the in-house training, Sophie also left us a training packet so we did not need to take notes. She also makes herself available to answer any additional questions we have outside of the session and returns calls very quickly. She is an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and warm person and clearly loves dogs!" Shanna Wolff Batt (Ace and Jack's mom), Bannockburn

"My family has been working with Sophie and she has been wonderful! Our 5 month old English lab, Auggie, has made so much progress in just 3 sessions. My husband and I really like how Sophie uses positive reinforcement and no prong collars etc. She is very knowledgeable and Auggie loves her! Auggie is my first dog and she has given me the confidence I need to train him. Sophie is a very warm person who obviously loves dogs and we felt very comfortable with her right away." Lauren Berliner (Auggie's mom), Glencoe

"Our pup, Chili, is thriving under NorthShore Canine Academy's training. We all love Sophie but especially Chili. It's amazing what she can do!" Lanie Coldwell (Chili's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is amazing! In just a few sessions I saw drastic behavioral changes with my dog. I'd highly recommend her for anything dog related. 20 mins with her is better than weeks of training with any other company I have used before." Krystl Wells (Sargent Pepper's mom), Evanston

"Sophie is the most wonderful trainer. Needed training for my service dog and she helped me achieve our goal. She is patient, kind and really understands dogs. She is the only one I would ever use." Jutta Wexler (Hope's mom), Evanston

"We (and our 2 labradoodles) love NorthShore Canine Academy! Sophie has been such a great resource to help de-code our 8 and 12 year-old dogs' changing dynamic as the older dog's hearing failed and the younger became aggressive around mealtimes. She helped us with training and tips to eliminate the stressors affecting the dogs' behavior, and brought peace back to our household. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks!" Carrie Hart (Finn and Riley's mom), Kenilworth

"Sophie's lessons were essential to getting our 2 month old bernedoodle on the right track. Her knowledge is impressive! I really like how personable she is and she has answered all of my questions. She truly cares about her clients!" Lorenza Amigo (Coco's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is an honest business owner who we highly recommend. She met with our family for three 1-hour sessions to help us adjust to and train our first dog, a rescued 3 y.o. Pomeranian. We had a fourth session scheduled to continue to work on Sprinkles' dog reactivity when Sophie called us in advance of the appointment and recommended instead that we take Sprinkles to dog reactivity classes which would provide a controlled environment to expose her to other dogs. Sophie explained that she believed that would be a more effective use of our money. How's that for honesty? She gave us the contact info. of her former co-worker that now owns a training center and we have been pleased with their classes. We are grateful for the 15 typed pages of Basic Training that Sophie gave us at our first session. It's great to have it as a resource between lessons and even now, two months later. Finally, Sophie saw first-hand that Sprinkles does not like to be brushed so in her phone call she shared grooming tool ideas that she obtained from her local pet store when she inquired on our behalf. That's going above and beyond, in our opinion. We're very grateful to have met Sophie and appreciate her continuing to text us re Sprinkles' progress. It shows how much she cares for her clients." Glenn Buric (Sprinkles' dad), Glenoce

"Sophie was invaluable when we got our new puppy. She came over to our house and taught us everything we needed to know about training our puppy in our home. Our puppy has learned to leave food that is out. He also sits on a mat when the doorbell rings and doesn't run to the door. He comes when he's called. And he loves the training sessions! Sophie is very skillful in her training techniques and was so enthusiastic working with us. We highly recommend Sophie!" Laurie Werner (Marley's mom)


"Sophie was very patient, knowledgeable and always available with any questions or concerns I had with my dog. I am very grateful for her expertise and advice she gave us. Thank you Sophie very much." Victoria Klem (Dukie's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie was fantastic with our puppy, Cookie. She clearly loves dogs and helped us turn our puppy with no manners to one that knows her boundaries and wants to obey. I would highly recommend Sophie to any new dog owner!" Nancy Schumacher (Cookie's mom), Wilmette


"The best dog trainer you will ever find. Kind and amazing. I highly recommend Sophie!" Lana Levit (Morgie's mom), Northbrook


" I recently hired Sophie to help our new puppy be acclimated to our home with our 10 year old dog. Sophie's expertise is uncanny. Within  minutes our new pup was responding to her commands - all while using positive reinforcement every time. She is such a pro and an absolute delight for us humans to work with. Sophie is super patient, kind and fun for the dogs and me. I highly recommend - regardless of breed or age!!!!" Cathy Nathan (Lizzy and Georgie's mom), Deerfield


"Sophie is a wonderful trainer. I love the fact that she uses a "no force / no fear" strategy when training, basically teaching the dog to make the "right" decision instead of using any nasty intimidation, shouting or prong collar techniques. The dog gets rewarded for the desired behaviors and its amazing how quickly this happens. She teaches different ways to reward the dog to get the desired behaviors such as waiting until told to eat dinner, not scavenging for food in the kitchen when you're eating or preparing food, as well as learning to sit and stay. My puppy is very happy and I am amazed at what he can achieve." Amadee Scheele (Toby's mom), Wilmette

"We hired Sophie to train the humans in our house (in order to train our new rescue puppy). She was awesome and our puppy learned his basic skills in a  very short time. Sophie was also great in helping us find opportunities to socialize our dog with other young pups. Can't wait to see her in a  reality tv show." Keith Fishe (Tiger's dad), Wilmette


"Sophie trained our 12 month old Cockerpoo and we saw amazing results within only a few sessions. I would highly recommend her!" Amanda McDonald (Zara's mom), Wilmette


"I had Sophie do two one-hour sessions with our new one year old dog, Bailey. Bailey caught on quickly, probably due to the high reward treats she received as positive reinforcement! Sophie was very patient with the dog, and with me as I was learning too! We plan to continue to reinforce the expected behaviors and are hoping for Bailey to eventually learn to make the "right" choice on her own, eventually without needing a reward! I know I can always call Sophie if we feel additional training is necessary. Thanks you Sophie for getting us started!" Mary Kay Johnson (Bailey's mom), Highland Park

"We have three dogs, including a puppy. Sophie helped us learn how to have the dogs sit/stay on a mat and to manage multiple distractions in a chaotic household. She is very approachable and made sure to be available to us even in periods of crisis. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, knowledgable trainer. We have used many dog trainers over the years and I can definitely say that Sophie is one of the most professional and lovely trainers I have come across." Cathy Boyce (Bailey, Cocoa & Cali's mom), Evanston

"Sophie is super friendly, reliable and great with our puppy who just loves her. Unlike the old-school method of training which is fear and correctional based, Sophie uses reward based training. She focuses on setting the puppy up for success by controlling the environment so the puppy makes the right choice and she teaches through games which are fun for the whole family as well as the dog. It is amazing and wonderful to see how quickly our pup learns and I know she definitely enjoys it! I highly recommend Sophie!" Kitty Bliss (Twinkie's mom), Winnetka

"I had a wonderful experience with Sophie and my dog, Jaxson. In just one session she was able to break his habit of barking when people leave the house. Highly recommend her." Elaine Waxman (Jaxson's mom), Highland Park

"Thanks for helping us with our pup! Winston adores you as do we! You are a true expert!!" Libby Hurley (Winston's mom), Glenview

"Sophie was great. She is very intuitive with the dog and the humans. My wife and I both grew up with dogs but realized that the dogs in our life were never trained all that well and we weren't sure where to begin. Sophie helped to get us and our pooch on the right track." Sean Hills (SodaPop's dad), Evanston

"Sophie is just the best!!! She just understands dogs and their needs! If you need a dog trainer try her! We love her!" Anja Harvey (Stormy's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is genuine and truly loves what she does. I have had 2 sessions with her and my 9 month old pup, Gillie, and he has made an extreme amount of progress so far. Gillie has learned to sit on a mat when someone comes to the door, come and leave it! We are looking forward to our next session off leash in the woods!" Claire Santostefano (Gillie's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie was amazing with our family (three kids) and new 12 week old puppy. She was positive, encouraging and provided helpful, constructive advice about how to train our little dog, Clover, who responded very well to Sophie. She helped give us confidence and a great start to training our little pup. We highly recommend her!" Bridget Luby (Clover's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie came to my house and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my two puppies. Her concepts are easy to understand and she is very calm and pleasant in her approach. I highly recommend her!" Marta Aznavoorian (Cocoa and Cabo's mom), Glencoe


"Sophie is outstanding! She helped us get acquainted with and train our rescue dog Finnie when we brought him home at 8 weeks. She has also helped arrange fun playdates. Highly recommend!" Georgia Revis (Finnie's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is amazing! Our puppy is very fearful and she has helped her so much in a short time. She is warm, patient and knowledgeable. We would recommend Sophie to anyone!" Selga Cheris (Kokonut's mom), Glencoe

"Sophie is an amazing dog trainer and her knowledge of dog behavior really helps you understand how dogs think and act. Simply understanding some of our anxious dog's behavior went a long way towards addressing problem behaviors. In our first session, I went from being afraid to walk my out-of-control dog for fear that I would not be able to control him, to walking him quite easily and mannerly on leash. Sophie was a god-send to our family; she gave us hope to save our wonderful-but-badly-behaved dog when other experts had suggested we had no hope. Sophie is warm, patient and has a true gift for teaching both dogs and their owners (as everyone knows, obedience training is as much about training the people as the animals, but while she's training YOU, Sophie makes it seem like she's actually training the dog :-). Sophie's passion for her vocation is palpable and her extremely personable manner along with her wonderful sense of humor makes the training experience a pleasure." Heather Martello (Cookie's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie helped our Frenchton become more comfortable around strangers using the positive reinforcement dog clicker technique. Sophie is cordial, easy to communicate with, and it was wonderful working with her. She makes it fun to train your dog too." Sean Caffrey (Loki's dad), Wilmette

"We just recently got a puppy and found Sophie who has been amazing. If you are looking for help training a new puppy, older dog, or having specific challenges she can help. She is warm, caring and also very practical on prioritizing activities (potty training, socialization, sitting when guests arrive etc.)." Melanie Earle (Olive's mom), Kenilworth


"NorthShore Canine Academy is absolutely a miracle! We picked up our cute 8 week old beagle puppy, Earl, a week ago. At the end of that week, he was the ultimate supreme boss of our family (and not remotely in a good way). NOTHING we were doing convinced him otherwise, and we were ready to tear our hair out. I read all the stellar reviews for NorthShore Canine Academy in Wilmette. "The Amazing Sophie" came right over when I emailed her, and within minutes she had Earl following commands to sit, to stay, to go to a mat, and even to curb that frustrating puppy nipping! Earl was only too delighted to follow her every command. She was equally as fabulous with training me, too! The experience was positive and respectful for all of us. I absolutely recommend Sophie and NorthShore Canine Academy. We await all her future miracles with Earl and us." Lori Carpenter (Earl's mom), Glencoe


"Sophie came yesterday at very short notice of one day to help with the training of my son and daughter-in-law's adopted rescue of 3 weeks. Since they were living at our house for several weeks awaiting their condo--so was the new puppy Greta. Sophie was so responsive over the phone and by email and I was so appreciative since I felt the need for someone to help me at this point. She came to the house and my son and daughter-in-law and my husband could all be there to observe her training. It was important that we were all on the same page on developing the correct behaviors! She even supplemented the actual training with the reasons behind why the dog behaves and the dos and don'ts of what humans do with the dog. And a "leave behind" 15 page supplement so we could refer back to the training prompts. I just wish I would have called her sooner! We should have had her the first week we adopted the puppy so that the behaviors could have been channeled correctly and we would have all been well coached. I will most certainly have her back for more sessions as we learn with the puppy! Thanks so much Sophie. See you soon." Barb Runyen (Greta's grandma), Wilmette


"Sophie was extremely responsive and knowledgeable about how to best train our big and protective Bernese mountain dog. Her love of dogs truly shines through and is always willing to help. Highly recommend Sophie to any dog owner that wants advice on how to train their dog." Tyler Palin (Beau's dad), Winnetka


"Sophie came at short notice to help us start training our rescue dog. On top of being kind and a good coach, she has a clear curriculum based on positive reinforcement that will be easy to help our whole family train our new dog. I highly recommend her." Lauren Oshman (Floyd's mom), Wilmette


"We met Sophie a few days ago to help us to gain a better understanding of how to train our lovely rambunctious and powerful puppy. Our life is already easier! Her gentle and logical methods, clear explanations and her calm and professional manner have already really helped us. We can't wait for her to come back to work with us again today! Our puppy is also happier and more settled as he has a better idea of our expectations and he is enjoying the attention and stimulation of our training! I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable in-home trainer." Rachel Brady (Mango's mom), Glencoe, June 2018

"Sophie has worked with our new puppy on socialization, manners and general training and has made such a big difference in him in only a few sessions! She will come to your house which is incredibly convenient and uses only positive training techniques. I highly recommend her!" Amy Bluhm (Moose's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie has been invaluable in teaching this first time puppy owner the basics of dog needs and behavior. After my first call to her and before we got our puppy, she gave us a ton of information re what to expect and what we'll need to bring home a puppy. She truly understands how a dog thinks and knows how to change behavior almost immediately! Very friendly, accessible and energetic, our family is lucky to have found Sophie." Susan Brewster (Beau's mom), Winnetka


"Sophie is fantastic. She was wonderful with our new puppy and the whole family! She was patient, and easily accessible. She was recommended by a friend and was great!" Kate Neal (Izzy's mom), Winnetka


"We have two goofy pups - one that's easily distracted by everything and one that's nervous around strangers. Sophie's helped our pups gain confidence, focus on commands, and allows the dogs to do the correct behavior not because they are scared but because they are positively rewarded. Her training teaches us to understand the dog's point of view, and each hour is packed with information and learning! We look forward to continuing our training with her." Susie Yavorskiy (George's and Luca's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is an amazing trainer. We had a few training sessions with her and we learned so much. We have benefitted greatly from this. Thank you Sophie!" Lisa Roberts (Taylor's mom), Winnetka


"Sophie came to my house and gave me some great advice because my dog is large and pulls a ton when walking and likes to bark/pull towards cars! I am confident she gave me the tools to use to improve my dogs behavior on walks and now we enjoy walks more!" Aimee Koski (Floyd's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is a treasure! We are first time dog owners and she generously spent time on the phone with me before our puppy's arrival, walking me through all the supplies we would need and offering tips for our first few days. She met with us within 24 hours of our puppy's arrival and helped us with the transition. Sophie is truly a dog whisperer and I'm amazed with the progress she made with our puppy in just two sessions. She is patient with our (human) boys and is a wonderful personality to have in our home. Thank you Sophie! We look forward to our next session." Megan Horton (Carmel's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is amazing. Our dog Jack responded to her so well this afternoon. She was always positive, friendly and brought out the best in him. Loved our experience and can't wait to continue next week." Peg Steadman (Jack's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is incredible! She is warm and sensitive and is in love with dogs and helping them and their humans succeed!! Puck and I adore her!!! If you need help, she's your person!" Lindsey Brusnighan (Puck's mom), Winnetka

"We were referred to Sophie by Adopt-A-Pet. She is an outstanding dog trainer. I called her before we even brought our puppy home and she gave me loads of helpful advice. She gave us a list of essential supplies for the new puppy. Once we had him, she came for a training session and demonstrated key principles with our new puppy, and also left us a detailed written training guide. Afterwards she has been cheerfully available for a bunch of follow-up questions based on our experiences with training sessions with our puppy on our own. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants actionable guidance on how to raise a well-behaved, happy dog." Mary Jane Ronalds (Gus' mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is so very, very good at training dogs. I truly thought our dog couldn't be trained until we saw Sophie work her magic. She shows us what works, what doesn't and why. Please reach out to Sophie if you have a pooch that needs training! We highly recommend her!" Ranay Luthin (Ridley's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie was very friendly and knowledgeable. She worked wonders on our new pup and was a pleasure to deal with. Within the first 45 minutes, she had treats sitting on his paws while he waited for her 'ok'. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for some help or basic training." Brian Friedopfer (Wrig's dad), Morton Grove


"Sophie has been incredible at helping us through the training process with our new puppy, Drake! In our first hour session with her our 10 week old puppy already learned how to sit, stay and leave it!!! We work with Drake a lot on the lessons learned from Sophie but I feel her training sessions speed up the entire process and also give us more to work on. She is a master of all canines and would recommend her to any new dog owner. Not only will you have a more intelligent and obedient dog but you will be a better parent!" Beau Spreck (Drake's dad), Evanston


"Sophie was such a great trainer for us and for our 2 yr. old lab mix rescue. Our dog loved her and it was so fun to learn how to train her ourselves, in our own home. So nice not to have to go to a class. Sophie is very patient, loving and fun. I would highly recommend her as a trainer for any age dog." Andrea Needlman (Ivy's mom), Evanston


"Sophie is everything and more. She is the Mary Poppins for pooches and arrived with totes full of treats, training toys, training guides written in simple, clear terms, and all the patience and compassion a dog owner could ask for. Sophie had our very hyper, defiant Boston Terrier sitting on a mat and "leaving it" within minutes. Using her guides, my husband and I taught our Otto how to come to us when called within 5 minutes. If you are at wits end with your pet's behavior, give Sophie a call! I've referred Sophie many times without hesitation and will continue to do so!!!" Barbara Bychowski (Otto's mom), Winnetka


"Sophie was awesome to work with. She is very sensitive to both me and my dog's needs and character. She provided us with key strategies and tools on how to optimize the best behavior for our dog. She makes herself very available (via text and phone) for preliminary and follow up inquiries. She is a gem to work with. You can tell immediately that she is passionate about working with animals and humans to build a strong and long lasting relationship." Cassie Rodgers (Prema's mom), Evanston

"Sophie is an outstanding trainer and great to work with. She immediately engaged with all of us and is very positive and enthusiastic. She uses a clicker to mark the dog's good behavior and a lot of treats follow as a reward. She also focuses on teaching the dog to make the right choice about which behavior to perform. She first gives us a demonstration and then watches as we (the kids and I) have a go. Our puppy picked up the lessons / games so quickly and in just one session was sitting with an automatic stay built in and was not eating the multiple treats lined up on his paws. It was so much fun! We enjoyed it, our puppy loved it and it was awesome to watch our puppy learn so quickly. We also worked on having a reliable recall. I love that there is no shouting or intimidation involved and by the end of our session our pup was making the right choice without verbal direction. Practice makes perfect! She also discussed different topics such as the importance of socialization and reading a dog's body language, growling, crate training, house breaking and the importance of both physical and mental stimulation with us. I highly recommend Sophie!" Alberto Ayerza (Maui's dad), Winnetka


"Sophie is fantastic! She's professional yet fun. My puppy learned the basic commands in a very short time. Her handouts are thorough and very easy to follow. Cooper enjoys his training and is eager to perform well. I've used other trainers in the past with limited success. Sophie exceeded my expectations in all areas. I highly recommend Sophie!" Nancy Curran (Cooper's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie has helped us train our golden retriever puppy and she is fantastic with puppies! She is very flexible on hours / 7 day a week. She offers great tips and has been terrific to work with!" Cathy Marton (Bozeman's mom), Winnetka


"Sophie has helped us train our Australian Shepherd puppy and she has done a wonderful job. She is endlessly patient and very good at establishing a connection with both the animal and the people. I highly recommend her!" Kristen Goodfellow (Ebbie's mom), Winnetka


"We used Sophie to help us train our golden retriever puppy. She is absolutely phenomenal and the most friendly, knowledgeable dog trainer ever! We especially like her approach of 100% positive reinforcement and were amazed how well and quickly our dog responded to her techniques. We could not recommend her more." Jutta Hilspeuch (Bo's mom), Wilmette


"While visiting my son's family and their rambunctious ten month old golden retriever, I was desperately looking for a dog trainer. At the local park, some moms told me about Sophie who is an amazing dog whisperer. I ran home, found her on Google, and booked a session for the next day. Unbelievable what this woman can do. We have had two sessions with her, and already the dog knows Sit, Stay, Come, Leave it, and Mat. She quickly figured out that the dog is not getting enough exercise and is chewing up everything in sight because he is bored. She recommended going to Wilmette Pet Center where we got some cool training tools and toys. After our first session, she offered to meet us at the Forest Preserve with her amazing dog. Of course we joined her  and our dog had the happiest day of his life. He ran and played with her dog off leash and came when called. Sophie gave us detailed instruction sheets for the training, and I am the happiest person alive today. Sophie is as good as it gets!" Mary Friestedt (Kai's grandma), Glenview

"Sophie is great. She was gentle and patient with our rambunctious puppy and he took to her immediately. In just a couple of sessions he was following right along and being rewarded for it. Great experience." Dan Consiglio (Odin's dad), Evanston

"I highly recommend Sophie. We have a rescued hound mix, about 2 years old. He is super friendly and a wonderful dog but has no house manners. Sophie came to the house twice and immediately established a great bond with our dog (and with me)! She clearly adores animals and they return the feelings. She is organized and efficient and covers a lot of territory in one hour. She leaves a detailed set of instructions with you as well. All training is very positive and reward based. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results." Judy McNulty (Elvis' mom), Winnetka

"As first time dog owners, Sophie was an enormous help! We learned so much in just one session and the guidance continues. She has a great teaching style and curriculum that builds on each session. Our dog Willie loves her! She has also been patient in teaching our kids proper training technique in an easy to remember way. You can tell Sophie loves her work and our dog too." Lisa and Joel Dykstra (Willie's parents), Evanston

"Sophie came over to help us with a particular "nibbling on visitors' ankles" problem that we were having with our dog, and boy were we happy with the result! Sophie basically stepped us through all kinds of training that fed into a theme about having the right relationship with our dog, and understanding what motivates her good (and bad) behavior. She also suggested some fun advanced training techniques that would keep Rosey engaged and actively using her dog know-how to accomplish things. Sophie did all that in a very down-to-earth, non-intimidating, non-judgmental way. We got right to work implementing the techniques we learned from Sophie and it has made a world of difference. Will definitely have a repeat visit and will recommend to friends!" Susan Dauber (Rosey's mom), Evanston

"My experience with Sophie Amphlett has been outstanding! We're making tremendous progress with our puppy golden retriever. In addition to the in house training sessions, Sophie gave us a written handout with very careful details that is also useful. But really the training is something that can't be taught in a book. She shows us exactly how to train our puppy with hand gestures and words. She also is very good about correcting our technique in order to be consistent. In addition, she's very thoughtful and helpful at answering all my questions." Emily Ciaglo (Bonnie's mom), Winnetka


"We were lucky enough to get a recommendation for Sophie to provide training to our new rescue dog. He's already about one year old, so we didn't know how well he would take to training with a new family and completely new environment. We were very pleased even at our first training sessions with Sophie when she got our dog to pay close attention and helped us to pick up good positive habits in how we train with him. He was focused with Sophie from the moment she arrived and started, which was not something we expected right away. I think we've learned what many good trainers and knowledgeable dog people would tell you - that training is not only beneficial for the pet, it's also particularly useful for the owners who learn better habits and ways of communication with their pet. That's certainly true for us and we have to give Sophie credit for that. Her method seems particularly well-suited to families who have not done training before, since she really seems to adapt to our dog's attention, energy and skill levels and creates a progressive set of lessons and training that build upon each other in a productive fashion. One other aspect of her training methods that seem to work well for us is the use of a variety of positive training tools including a clicker and treats, as well as verbal and visual cues, which build upon each other. Our dog is an active working breed and is smart, but instinctively strong-willed, so training with Sophie helped us to mold his natural behaviors into good, regular habits that work well in our household and everyday life. His energy is channeled in play, but he is calm and attentive around the house and that owes a lot to the training we've worked on with Sophie's instruction. He's now much more relaxed at home and has a good temperament and disposition when meeting new people and other dogs outside the house. We'd recommend Sophie to any dog families who could use training to bring out the best in their pets and themselves. We have become one of those families who feel confident enough to take our dog out to pet-friendly places, knowing that he can remain calm and controlled as we've developed a good foundation for obedient behavior in our training." Paul Wright (Kodi's dad)

"Thank you Sophie for helping us navigate our first months with our Lagotto Romagnolo Regi! We are implementing your training strategies and seeing positive results. We especially appreciated the one-on-one training you gave our children on how to handle  new puppy - the kids are using your recommendations every day, and their great relationship with the dog is proof that it's working. Thank you!" Caroline Hauser (Regi's mom), Evanston

"Sophie has been a great help to us in training our 4 month old pup Hazel. Her positive reinforcement training method has been perfect for Hazel and has set her up for success. We now have such a happy pup thanks to Sophie!" Brigid Harvey (Hazel's mom), Evanston

"Sophie has been a great help with training our new (stubborn!) beagle puppy, Archie. She focuses on training both pup and person. Archie is coming along quickly. She is warm and caring and Archie loves her to pieces. We have also been to a number of her puppy play dates which have been outstanding for both exhausting our energetic guy AND socializing him with dogs of a variety of sizes and ages. We have also used her for taking care of Archie while we were out of town - giving him the comforts of home and lots of love while we were gone. She is fab - highly recommend!!!" Stacy Hillyer (Archie's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie was very helpful training our puppy. We have had great results with her training classes." Michael Moore (Gravity's dad), Wilmette


"Sophie has been fabulous teaching us how to get the best behavior from our pup. Our dog will regularly respond to cues we both have learned. And you can just tell she loves seeing and working with our dog! Sophie also has regular puppy playdates at her home. She supervises play and has been instrumental in helping our girl feel more comfortable around other dogs. She even sends us videos of how things are going while our dog is there. Overall, we could not be happier with Sophie!" Katie Bramblet (Myrtle's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie is great with our puppy, kids......and the adults! She gives each of us the right info to train the puppy. She also took great care of him over the holiday. I think he's happy to be home with us now, but I know he had a ball at Sophie's!" Krista Gallagher (Fremont's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is a star! We adopted our very first puppy as a rescue and knew nothing about how to even start with training, but Sophie's positive reinforcement methods were easy for all of us to learn. She is loving and confident from the moment she arrives, and watching our puppy respond to her techniques and learn something new with every visit was astonishing. We also love sending our little one over for puppy playdates with Sophie, she has an absolute ball and she comes home blissfully exhausted! I happily recommend Sophie to any family looking for loving, expert care for dogs of any age." Rebecca Walsh (Bean's mom), Wilmette

"Wanted to share how much we love Sophie and her positive reinforcement training method. She teaches the entire family too so the training is actionable the minute she leaves! I was amazed at what she has done for our pup in just a few sessions. She's so knowledgeable, kind and clearly loves her job and our animals." Amy Oseland (Bauer's mom), Wilmette

"I just wanted to write a few words of praise for dog trainer, Sophie Amphlett. She is wonderful, gentle, yet firm, and really has a way with dogs. Her positive reinforcement method is truly fantastic. If you need a dog trainer, she is worth reaching out to!" Kim Gable (Otis' mom), Wilmette

"We are first time dog owners. Sophie has been a great help in helping us understand dog behavior and a detailed insight into how to train and why certain techniques work than others. I feel we have a better understanding of what we are doing and our dog, Millie, has learned so much thanks to Sophie" Isabelle Menzel-Green (Millie's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie came to our house and was great with our new puppy. She is a wealth of information and patiently answered all of my many questions, as well as providing me with written resources. She uses positive reinforcement in her training method and our puppy was crazy about her. I recommend her without reservation." Claire George (Leona's mom), Evanston


"Sophie was easy to work with and did a great job with our rescue dog, Wally. She gave us some tips and was very patient. She also was available last minute when out other trainer was a no show. Thank you Sophie!" Sara Lapidus (Wally's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie's method of positive reinforcement is super effective. She's a great teacher!" Ellen Alter (Rosie's mom) Winnetka


"We loved using Sophie! She was so easy to work with and really understood how to work with our dog. Her positive reinforcement is wonderful and after our last session she helped us with ongoing ways to work with our dog." Molly Jorgensen (Obi's mom) Winnetka


"I just wanted to write a few words of praise for our dog trainer, Sophie Amphlett. I love her positive-reinforcement method. She is gentle, yet firm and the results are immediate. It has been an incredible learning experience for both me and my puppy and I want others to know of her talents. A true gem and I'm so fortunate to have found her!" Krystal Verstaete (Sadie's mom) Wilmett

"Sophie is an amazing trainer who uses the "positive reinforcement training method". She is easy to work with and gives you a print out of everything she teaches you regarding training your dog so you can refer back. Our puppy is already responding to cues after only two classes. Thanks Sophie! We can't wait to see you again." Beth Galliani (Tucker's mom), Evanston


"Sophie's terrific. Knowledgeable and caring, excellent training for our new dog. And our puppy loves her." Claire George (Leona's mom), Evanston


"Sophie is the best! In only a few sessions, our puppy had made great strides! We highly recommend her to your family." Tyra Leonard (Ranger's mom), Wilmette


"Our dog trainer, Sophie, uses only positive training techniques! She taught our puppy, Rin, the sit, stay and leave it commands in two days. It was exciting and encouraging to watch her work and to work with us as well. Sophie's expertise and positive reinforcement makes an awesome difference and changed our puppy to being responsive to direction while having fun. Another reviewer  mentioned that she was a dog whisperer and it is true!" Marilyn Faloon (Rinty's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie is phenomenal with our puppy. We do the puppy play dates at Sophie's and my dog loves them (gets insanely excited when Sophie comes to pick her up for her play date). She's getting socialized with other dogs at a young age, and is super tired afterwards. So happy that we found Sophie!" Abby Hobbs (Sky's mom), Evanston


"Sophie came and worked with our special family and our new rescue puppy. She taught us a great deal about dog behavior and how they interpret our behaviors, helped set up a cozy crate and play pen area and led us all through basic training steps. Our puppy responded right away! Sophie also helped us examine our environment and made recommendations of how to adjust our training and expectations for our special circumstances. I highly recommend her! And don't miss the puppy play groups! They're the best!" Erin Walsh (LadyBug's mom), Skokie


"Sophie Amphlett is a singularly gifted dog trainer. After three sessions, our new shelter puppy is more trained than our previous dog was in 14 years! Sophie is so personable, confident, punctual, super-organized and LOVES dogs and believes in them and their ability to learn. She trains the owners to train their dogs. She does it all with positive reinforcement and treats. My dog is focused on Sophie when Sophie is making the commands but my dog will focus on me when I use the same program. Sophie gives you training sheets that remind you what to do and how to do it in case you forget during practices at home. I now use a different type of leash and no more choke or quick-release collar. Dog whisperer!" Betsy Colburn (Yumi's mom), Winnetka

"Highly recommend Sophie" Tricia Chookaszian (Sam's mom), Wilmette

"My exuberant new puppy is well on his way to being a good dog thanks to trainer Sophie Amphlett. She immediately connected with him and is teaching me how to get things right. Highly recommend!" Cathryn Lopez (Tucker's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie is an incredible dog trainer. We cannot say enough about her. Highly recommend her for any issues or for general training. Her calm demeanor (and amazing Welsh accent!) are just what we needed." Lori Sagarin (Solomon's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie was strongly recommended to us as an excellent, ace dog trainer. We added a new Australian labradoodle mini puppy to our family, and knew that we would need help teaching him and us. Sophie has been wonderful! She uses all positive reinforcement techniques. She loves dogs, is very patient with our pup and us, teaches directly, and has a very kind heart. Our puppy is learning very quickly due to Sophie's help. Her puppy playdates have helped our puppy learn to socialize with various dogs too. We feel very fortunate to have Sophie guiding us all." Mary Hoepfner (Wesley's mom), Glenview


"I love Sophie! My very energetic yellow lab puppy is responding to her positive training method. In a few short weeks she has been potty trained, can sit, stay and does an excellent job on walks! I highly recommend Sophie!" Deb Wilson (Oona's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie is doing a wonderful job training our "hard-to-train" pup! She will go the extra mile to ensure training is a positive and effective experience for both dog and family. She truly wants to see success for a happy, yet mindful pup." Stacy Hunt (Penny's mom), Kenilworth


"Thank you Sophie for teaching us and our puppy Juno the basics of dog training! We greatly appreciate  you sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us as first time dog owners. Juno loves you too! We highly recommend Sophie!" Karina Little (Juno's mom), Wilmette


"Sophie has been absolutely wonderful as our dog's trainer! She is not only training our dog but really training the whole family on consistent methods to use. Her positive reinforcement method keeps our dog happy while learning the manners we want him to have! I highly recommend Sophie!" Andrea Schaeffer (Monty's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie has been working with me and my dog Stella - a rescue with a history of anxiety and some biting. I was really at my wit's end! The progress I can see in a short time is remarkable. I have tried private training before, several times. Sophie - working with positive reinforcement - is helping teach Stella how to be a good and happy dog. We have just started the process but I see results and I'm very optimistic" Jami Sharfman (Stella's mom), Highland Park

"Sophie's positive reinforcement is really working well with our young puppy. She's good with people too!! We're even managing to train our older dog who hangs around for the treats. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone with a puppy or adult dog." Jan Bowers (Tess' & Stella's mom), Evanston

"Sophie is great with our new puppy and very good at training the humans too!" Karyn Herndon (Jenga's mom), Wilmette

"Our mini Golden Doodle is in love with Sophie and so are we!! She worked her magic and we already have learned so much! She brings treats and great training material! We highly recommend." Zach Bazianos (Jax's dad), Glenview

"We hired Sophie to help with basic obedience for our rescue dog Lottie. The moment Sophie walked in our door, she was warm, funny, knowledgable and seemed to bond with Lottie immediately. After about 5 minutes of Sophie's clicker training, Lottie was sitting, staying, waiting and "leaving it". She is always available on the phone or via text for questions or concerns. Simply put, she is great at what she does. Lottie - and us - are better because of her!" Lizzie Souza (Lottie's mom), Deerfield

"We have been referred to Sophie Amphlett and NorthShore Canine Academy through multiple sources. It is no surprise as she has been fabulous with our 5 month old Labrador/Bloodhound mix, Cooper - and our family. Her patience and willingness to listen to our concerns and recommend ways to train him in a way that works for us has been great. You can tell she genuinely gets to know and love the dogs too. Using the "positive reinforcement method", we have seen Cooper respond in ways we never thought possible. Highly recommend Sophie!" Alison Dempsey (Cooper's mom), Kenilworth

"We have been using Sophie for the past 5 weeks and have seen great results with our puppy. She brings reading material to help with training, is very clear on the methods, and brings supplies and treats. She also hosts doggie playdates at her house every day and sends pics of your dogs having fun. She is super friendly and very knowledgeable....if you are looking for a great dog Sophie!!!!!!!" Erica Chesney (Ozzie's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie has been amazing with our new puppy and also so comforting to us as new dog owners. Totally recommend Sophie." Tracey Lowry (Jake's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie has been great to work with, and our puppy adores her. The approach to training has been very helpful, as it is a "train the trainer" model that has engaged my daughters in ongoing training and reinforcement. Sophie has helped my daughters to become more comfortable/confident with our dog and has given them practical strategies for dealing with a puppy that can sometimes be very high energy and can become overexcited." David Goodson (GG's dad), Wilmette

"Sophie is terrific! She has such a kind touch with my dog and he has learned so much in just a few sessions. I really love her approach and it has worked so well with my puppy! Highly recommend her!" Lynne Baker (Mickey's mom), Highland Park

"Sophie's dedication to our new puppy has been instrumental in his growing process. Her daily walks and playdates with other dogs from the community has given him social confidence and helped him mature in positive ways. In addition to this, Sophie takes excellent care of Figolu, our puppy, helping us train him properly, and taking care of him when we are not here. We thank Sophie for everything she does for us and Figolu." Johanna Visa. (Figolu's mom), Evanston

"Sophie has been a life saver for us. She has helped us immensely with getting our dog under control. She patiently uses positive reinforcement and a lot of repetition. We (the dog owners) first learn by watching Sophie work her magic and then she passes the task to us. I love working with Sophie - easy going, kind and helpful - Oh and my dog loves her too!!" Lynn Chookaszian (Rory's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie has been so great for us! We are first time dog owners and definitely needed as mush help as possible. Sophie is very patient and kind and loves all dogs! She is personable, flexible and really wants success for your dog and your family. I highly recommend her!" Kelly Smith (Abby's mom), Winnetka

"As with all the other reviews, I can't say enough about Sophie!! She makes you feel like you, your dog, and your family are the most important thing on her to do list!! She is sweet, kind, gentle, positive, and most importantly knowledgeable in the way of dogs! She met us at our home a day after we got our 8 week old Judson. From day 1, Sophie's visits to our home were a highlight of the week. Judson quickly responded to her , and immediately seemed to understand what she wanted him to do. She provided worksheets for us and always followed up and checked in with a text or phone call (an absolutely unexpected surprise!). You always feel like Sophie is right there with you! She is always accessible and available for any questions and concerns you may have. You can't go wrong with the fabulous and wonderful Sophie! When it comes to training your four legged friends (and their owners!) there is none better!" Christine Tepper (Judson's mom), Chicago

"Sophie helped us target how to desensitize our dog who will not tolerate her paws to be touched or nails to be trimmed. She was great with our dog and helped us trouble shoot other behaviors we wanted to correct in the same visit as well as leaving us feeling prepared to continue with the training on our own." Jane Ott (Scout's mom), Evanston

"She is great with our puppy!" Paula Smith (Duke's mom), Kenilworth

"Sophie was recommended to us to train and walk our new puppy. Sophie is excellent and our puppy loves her!!! Sophie is very easy to work with. We set up times to have our puppy go to her to socialize with other dogs. I would highly recommend Sophie. Our puppy is very excited every time she sees her and Sophie made training very easy for our family." Katie Lemmon (Dixie's mom), Evanston

"We recently got a puppy and didn't know anything about dog training. We got Sophie Amphlett's name and she has helped us a ton! She truly is a dog whisperer, and has been so good at explaining how to properly train our new puppy. She also has puppy playdates to help socialize your dog, and provides walking services. I highly recommend calling Sophie if you need any of these services. She specializes in positive reinforcement." Meg Livatino (Lola's mom), Evanston

"Sophie came highly recommended from a true dog-loving friend of ours. She's been coming to our home to help us train our new puppy, Judson. She's been amazing!! My wife, three kids and I immediately felt comfortable with Sophie and especially how Judson took to her the moment she stepped into our home. It's impressive how effective her gentle methods of teaching have been. She's a natural dog whisperer. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone looking to train their dog." Dan Tepper (Judson's dad), Chicago

"Thank goodness for Sophie and NorthShore Canine Academy. We are first-time puppy owners and Sophie literally met us at our house an hour after we picked up our new puppy...she needed to train the people more than the dog! She is extremely patient, positive and encouraging and made sure we were set up for success with our sweet puppy. We have had our dog for four weeks and have met with Sophie almost every week, which has been so helpful! She clearly loves her job and cares for every dog like it's her own!" Jen Marino (Reggie's mom), Kenilworth

"We highly recommend Sophie. She is very knowledgable, caring and flexible. She has a very positive attitude and shows great respect and patience for all dogs in her care." Patti Sload (Lincoln's mom), Evanston

"Sophie helped us so much with taming our wild puppy. Her approach is reward based, and she helped the whole family develop skills with keeping our puppy safe and good-mannered. I highly recommend Sophie." Colleen Shinners (Ginger's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie came highly recommended to help us train our Retriever/Border Collie rescue dog, Addie. Addie is nervous in a number of situations and is afraid of everyone she meets until she takes some time to get to know you. Sophie made Addie comfortable within moments of first meeting her - it was amazing! Sophie is incredibly warm and easy to be with and learn from. She provided us with written information and training on numerous areas to work on. Addie loves her so much and is learning many commands quickly as well as how to be less anxious! We love how Sophie relates to Addie and to us as well! Following training sessions, Sophie always follows up with a text to see how things are going and is available for questions/comments and easy to schedule with. She is a gem!" Ellen Schor (Addie's mom), Chicago

"After 2 sessions with Sophie my pup is transformed! My pup and I enjoy her calm, kind demeanor. The sessions are both informative and fun. I have learned so much after just two weeks of training. Most importantly the training is working and I see a huge difference in my dog's ability to listen and follow commands. Money well spent!" Maureen Nelson (Coco's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie worked with our two rescue dogs, both settled in their ways, by winning them over with her positive attitude and reinforcement. She showed us how to work with them, and my husband began to reinforce this learning on their long walk today. He was pleased at how well they responded. We recommend Sophie for her cheery demeanor, her practicality and her enthusiasm for working with both owners and their beloved pets." Nina Gray (Raffi's and Emiq's mom), Winnetka

"Sophie was great - she was very knowledgable and Maisy learned so quickly using her techniques. Thanks so much." Allison Gordon (Maisy's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie trained our 6 month old puppy and did a fantastic job. Positive reinforcement and some very effective techniques. She provides detailed write-ups and instructions on many different commands. We would highly recommend!" Eric Martin (Wrigley's dad), Wilmette

"I can not say enough about Sophie. She is simply incredible. We just rescued two female pit mixes within a week of one another. Popcorn is approximately 1.5 years and Turnip approximately 2 years of age. We brought them home to join our 8 year old Shepherd Mix. We went from one dog to a pack overnight, and knew very little about the history of our new pack members. It was imperative to me that we get off on the best foot and wanted the best person to help me with this endeavor. Enter Sophie. She is calm, sweet and absolutely hands down a dog whisperer. She has introduced and provided us with the proper gear for our pups and given me the tools to practice in between our sessions. The pack is doing amazingly well. We are walking well on leash, have learned names and basic commands in the home and that was all after only 1 session. My confidence and the pups confidence is solid and undoubtedly that is 100% down to Sophie's excellent instruction and care." Lori Verta (Popcorn's and Turnip's mom), Chicago

"I just wanted to share our experience of working with Sophie. We adopted our little 1 year old Manchester Terrier mix from Adopt-A-Pet about 2 months ago. He's adorable but had a bad habit of growling and barking pretty ferociously at other dogs and people during our walks. It was making us pretty unpopular in our new neighborhood! Sophie helped us in so many ways. First, she is delightful to work with - very kind and clearly loves dogs. She reassured us that Kaibo was simply afraid of other dogs and needed to know he was safe. She gave us several coping skills such as checking in with our dog so that he focuses on us during walks instead of other dogs, people etc. She spent invaluable time with us teaching us loose leash walking (so the dog learns not to pull) and whistle training him to come when called. She also recommended several great pieces of equipment that are all well used! She gave us the opportunity to love our dog! What more can you ask?! We are forever grateful to Sophie for her excellent help. She's the best!" Cynthia Garratt (Kaibo's mom), Evanston

"We just absolutely love Sophie and her positive reinforcement training. She is wonderful with our new rescue dog and helping all members of our family participate in his training. I would recommend her to anyone." Cheryl Evert (Duke's mom), Winnetka

"Frustrated and despairing I took a chance with Sophie. After only our first hour my sweet but stubborn old English Bulldog seemed quite willing to please. A dog owner and lover for many years I ran into a problem quite distressing. If I keep up my end of the bargain I believe we are on our way to happier times. Sophie is so calming and easily bonded with my "Louie". For me, a prayer was answered. I recommend taking a chance on Sophie." Kathy Verta (Louie's mom), Kenilworth

"Praise for Sophie and highly recommend to anyone looking to train their pup. We adopted a 4 month old lab/beagle mix, and soon after realized that she and our 2 yr old pup were taking over our household. It was chaotic with constant rough housing and disobedience. We reached out to Sophie, and after a thorough consultation in our home, Sophie began working with our family on a weekly basis. She has worked with us on so many levels - from crate training to walking properly on a leash. Sophie leaves detailed lessons that we can work on in between our sessions, and also checks in with us to see how things are going! We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sophie and to eventually joining the group of whistle trained pups!" Jen Gulland (Truman's and Harper's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is the best! Our GSD LaRue adores her. We adore her. She is a great trainer and sitter. She will shower your dog with love as she works with it. LaRue is now whistle trained and when she is with him he gets a total physical and mental workout. Sophie is exceptional and she comes with our highest recommendation." Larry Stuelpnagel (LaRue's dad), Wilmette

"Sophie is a natural! In such a short time she has changed our life so much! My ADHD dog seems to have matured overnight, but he didn't, he was just trained by the awesome Sophie!! I'm so grateful for her and her positive training methods! The best part is the training works even after she's gone! Thanks so much!! I highly recommend her services!" - Rebecca Soifer (Lucky's mom), Northbrook

"Sophie is amazing! She connected with Kinney right away. You can see how she loves dogs just by watching her with them.She sent us videos and photos while we were away which made us feel as we were there with Kinney. I would send him there again .He loves being with Sophie. She is great in training too." Rose Marie Aranaz-Bint (Kinney's mom), Glenview

"Sophie is a natural trainer, her connection with my dogs was immediate and she was able to make real progress very quickly. Lovely to work with and I highly recommend her." - Patti Moran (Tucker's and Tess's mom), Evanston

"Sophie is  great dog walker and dog boarder. She has a wonderful rapport with dogs. She has enabled us to go out of town with no worries that our dog will be unhappy." Elizabeth Burton (Barclay's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie is amazing with our puppy, Murphy! He stays with her when we are out of town and she takes him for adventures a couple mornings during the week. Their time together is so much more than a walk. She has whistle trained him so he can be off-leash. They always do something fun, like go to the beach. Sophie's always focused on training, but Murphy doesn't know it because he's having so much fun! Murphy comes home tired, happy, and looking forward to the next "play date" with Soph and her dog, Bentley!" - Mary O'Brien (Murphy's mom), Evanston

"Exceptional dog care!! We wanted someone to care for our Golden Retriever like we do while we were away. We found our "forever home away from home" for Zoey. Dogs boarding at NorthShore Canine Academy get treated to daily long runs in the forest preserve, home cooked sausage treats, romps around an obstacle course with a few other canine pals in the spacious backyard, loving petting by her fun family, and snuggled on the couch in the evening. Sophie quickly engaged with Zoey and whistle trained her in order to take her romping off-leash. Sophie is warm, enthusiastic, and experienced. We feel lucky to have found her and we highly recommend her training and boarding." Lisa Ratti (Zoey's mom), Wilmette

"Sophie makes training seem effortless and always keeps us at ease." Ariana Billington (Bodie's mom)

"Packer, my 11 month old goldendoodle, boarded with Sophie for 5 days and her behavior dramatically improved. She hasn't dug any holes or chewed anything since she came home. Sophie has a magic touch with dogs. Sophie suggested and implemented an exercise program for my dog which turned out to be just what she needed!" - Tracy Corr (Packer's mom), Wilmette

"My puppy needed help with socialization and Sophie really came through for us. She picked him up, found a suitable playdate for him -(even sent pictures and videos!). He gets so excited when he sees her and responds to her so well. I have confidence that Sophie's calm demeanor and dog expertise will help us get our puppy on track" - Renee Held (Roscoe's mom), Glencoe

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