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Sophie Melissa Amphlett, CCDT, SDC, CTDI, ANWI, DN-FSG1

I was born in North Wales, U.K., living in a rural area and my closest companion as a child was my black labrador dog, Nellie, with whom I would spend hours a day walking in the woods.

After school, I moved to London and worked in the city for 14 years where I met my husband.

We moved to the USA, had some kids, adopted a dog, Bentley, and our family was complete. As our youngest kid became of school age, I finally had the opportunity to start my dream job.


I  started volunteering with Adopt-A-Pet in March 2016 as a foster mom. Whilst doing this I discovered numerous things about dogs and how many end up back in shelters due to lack of training and socialization. I wanted to ensure that the dogs in my care were set up for success so I enrolled at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and graduated from the Master Course with Distinction in August 2016. I still volunteer with Adopt-A-Pet as an adoption counselor and I head up the dog walking for the dogs residing in Wilmette Pet

Working with dogs gives me so much pleasure. Seeing them run free with not a care in the world is magical.

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